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Non Medical Life Insurance


Are you looking for higher amounts of life insurance of up to $350,000 without taking a medical exam? If so, we can help you get that policy without any hassle and usually within days  of your application.


When you purchase No Medical Life Insurance, there is no medical exam, no blood test and no urine analysis.  The insurance company will check to confirm you accurately answer the questions on the application and your policy is normally issued within 1-4 days.


A couple of reasons why you would consider “Non Medical Life Insurance” may be:

  • You want to avoid a medical exam and/or blood and urine testing

  • You’ve delayed too much in the past buying your life insurance and simply want to get covered immediately

  • You’re afraid of needles


While the underwriting for this type of insurance may be somewhat more lenient than a fully underwritten policy, the insurance company will still request information from the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), a Prescription database check and a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).


The great part of buying No Medical Life Insurance is that you will usually have your policy issued either the same day or within a few days but there are other factors you must consider before applying.


Since the insurance company is issuing your policy with less information they would receive than with a fully underwritten application, your rates are usually considerably higher. Knowing this, if you’re in good health, consider applying for a fully underwritten life insurance policy to save money.


We will find you the cheapest Non Medical Exam policy with only the highest rated insurance carriers.


Contact us now  at 877-224-3690 and request a quote. Don’t delay any longer and protect your family and loved ones today!  

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