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Q:  Why Should I Buy Term Life Insurance?
A:  Allows You the Ability to Complete Your
Families Needs if you Die
Parents today have goals and dreams. Buying a home, saving for
their children’s education,  retirement savings. Term Insurance
policies can make certain that if that parent(s) dies prior to
fulfilling these plans,that the funds will be available to complete
The Concept is Easy to Understand
Buy it, pay for it and your family’s security is not at risk while it is
growing. Insurance remains level during the term you purchase the
insurance, whether it be for 10, 20 or 30 years.
Easy to Buy Online
With the internet, you can now buy your term life policy
in the comfort of your home and can easily compare companies and prices online without pressure or obligation.
Convertible to Permanent
Most term life policies are renewable and convertible.You can continue your policy at its term date for, say, 
another 10 or 20 years, based on your attained age.You can also convert your term life policy to apermanent
plan of insurance at anytime during the term period, if your need for a death benefit at a later age is required.
Be certain to check with your agent or carrier if these benefits are available.
Accelerated Death Benefit
Some companies will allow you to purchase a rider that allows you to collect a portion of your benefits while still alive if diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Waiver of Premium Rider
This additional rider waives premiums when you suffer a disability lasting six months or longer. You continue paying where the company left off paying for you when you return to work or are not disabled any longer. Check with your carrier for their maximum age limit to buy this rider.
Accidental Death Benefits
Most people are familiar with the phrase “Double Indemnity”. An Accidental Death benefit rider provides double the death benefit of your policy proceeds in the event of death resulting from an accident. 


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